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Release May 1st RED BEAT

Red Beat - The Eternal Party

Retrospective album from London based post-punk rock band, Red Beat. A lighter, more funky and emotionally sensitive collection of songs recorded around 1982 and remastered with love.

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Red Beat - Clones by Contact

Newly manufactured collectors edition retro pack Clones by Contact is a 9 track audio cassette featuring 2 previously unreleased tracks from Dub-rockers, Red Beat. Tracks: 1. Machines in Motion 2. Red Beat 3. More or Less Cut 4. Cut Dub 5. The Wheel 6. Shadow Boxing 7. Ritual Sacrifice 8. Scapegoat 9. Red Beat(Live) The booklet features a long in depth interview with vocalist Roy Jones about the post punk music scene in London and has some original poster images from that time.

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Conscious Love EP

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