Roy Jones - Singer Songwriter

Following the release of the Eternal Party, Red Beat released Change & Phoenix which completes the release of their complete catalogue including the German single which was originally released under the name Red White & Phoenix. There is also a new album called Mystic Life from the choir which I work with which is called Many Treasures Chorus. I have made lots of new videos for pretty much all the released material . You can see this on on my YouTube Channel, Dredzilla Jones. Last Christmas I made a recording of myself singing a classical Welsh tenor solo called Arafa Don which is watchable on my YouTube Channel too. In 2020 I decided to record a new Red Beat album and I have released first a three track EP - Chameleon Regeneration, plus two singles: Love Can Bring the Healing, and the current one Zachary Jones. I'm currently recording the remaining tracks for an April release of the album.

I've been a singer songwriter from an early age. My first band Beowulf was prog rock and featured Paul Ferguson, later of Killing Joke, on drums. My second band After Science later renamed Jones Boys comprised me and two of my brothers Paul and Martin on drums and guitar, with Majid Ahmed on bass. In 1980 I moved to London and formed Red Beat, who released 3 singles and recorded a Jon Peel session for BBC Radio 1. We supported U2, Killing Joke, The Thompson Twins, The Damned and my brother Howard Jones at top London venues. In 1984 I released a single in Germany called Power Reflex and performed it on Formal Eins, a pop TV show in Munich. I changed my stage name to Red White and the band was called Red White and Phoenix. It featured Paul my brother on drums and Rasta, Cheese Benson, on guitar. I was playing keyboards live now as well as fronting the band. In 1986 I worked for my brother Howard Jones as a keyboard player. I started with a live TV appearance at Japan Aid from a baseball stadium in Tokyo. I then did several TV's with Howard all over Europe and the UK, including TOTPs. In 1987 we toured Ireland, Britain, the USA and Japan. A massive seven piece line up, we travelled with 3 tour buses and 3 artic trucks. Venues include Dublin Boxing Arena, The Royal Albert Hall, London, LA Forum, Madison Square Gardens, New York and the Buddhokan, Tokyo. In 1988 my son was born and I moved to West Wales where I began to get interested in Celtic Music. In 1995 after a spell as a teacher of Performing Arts at a local College, I recorded a Celtic Album as part of a band called Ysbryd (which means 'spirit' in Welsh). Chaozmos was released on CD the following year and I played the songs live all over West Wales.In 2000 I released a Latin Jazz album, Passaporte para Cuba with Cuban artist Raul Speek. I released a solo album in 2010 called Red Lotus under my real name Roy Jones.

In 2011 I started recording the first of 2 Electronic EP's with vocals but with dance tempo's and sounds, Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton and Drum and Bass. For these tunes I adopted the artist name dRedzilla hence the current name of my website. In 2013 I remastered two albums of rock from my old post punk band Red Beat which are available to download here or on all major download sites. March 2016 I released a new EP Five Elements, which I originally conceived in the 1980's when I was in a band called Red White and Phoenix. I wrote and performed the tracks Water, Air Waves and Earth Mother then but never completed the project or had an opportunity to record the songs to pro standard. So this year around 30 years on I decided to finish what I started.At present. I've done 6 videos so far and a TV interview with All this is back under my own name Roy Jones.

In October 2016, I started editing and remastering songs from the later Red Beat era, inspired partly by seeing some of my friends and contemporaries in London, The Folk Devils, reform (minus their lead singer Ian Lowry who sadly passed away ten years ago) and play a gig up in north London. I soon realised that I had more than one album's worth of material. I have just released the first collection of these songs under the title, The Eternal Party. I've done a video for Moonlight and another video with Red Beat's drummer, Paul Jones having a chat about the time in which the songs were written and recorded and what was happening to inspire them. The album is out on both download and CD and there's another Change & Phoenix which like all the Red Beat material is now available to download from the Red Beat shop on this website.

I released an EP in Welsh called Calon y Pobl featuring 3 Welsh language tracks of various genres. Then in 2020 I released an EP of rock tunes under the band name Red Beat. Chameleon Regeneration was also released in Welsh under the band name Beirdd Coch. There followed two more singles; Love Can Bring the Healing which featured guitar from Graham Craigmyle and backing vocals from Rachel Delgado and Zachary Jones which featured guitar and spoken word from Cheez McKenzie as well as backing vocals from Martine Branford and Josie McKenzie and trumpet and sax from Jason Osbourne and Dom Norcross. All these songs plus five unreleased tunes are on the new Red Beat album, Bluestone Traveller whose title track draws on the culture of the area in which Roy has lived for the last 30 years, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The release date is 18/11/21.