One Energy

  ONE ENERGY - dRedzilla now available at most digital outlets on the Bounce label.

 One energy is a new single from dRedzilla which moves away from Dubstep into the Electro House genre. This is the first official release since January 2013 when Machines in Motion remix  appeared on the digital shelves. There had been some work with rapper Normbeatz which led to two new versions of Bulletproof Feeling, which are only available through Reverb Nation if you want to buy them, otherwise you'll find them on SoundCloud. There was also some mixes which came from a project of music for film, notably the Celtic track Cenfigen (Jealousy) which showed that Dubstep can work with any genre even the traditional jig! You can see and hear this work on YouTube under the titles The Holy Six parts one to four. Then there was a remastering and a new video for an old Red Beat track, Dream Dub, which although on vinyl is not available in digital form.

This release is quite different in that it uses a traditional pop song structure and a riff rather than a 'drop' to provide the dance energy. It reflects influences like Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and Calvin Harris but the distinctive vocal style of dRedzilla aka Roy Jones (brother of 80's electronic pop star Howard Jones) and positive lyrics sets it apart from them. The video features an image of the planet with a group of dancers who seem to fuse together with it and dredzilla suggesting the all pervasive nature of energy and the interconnectedness of all life and matter. Have a look here:

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