The new 3 track Red Beat EP is released on Friday May 1st. Recorded entirely during lockdown, this is the first truly new material from the dub-rockers for many years. The title track looks at the shift in values we need to make to respond to Climate Change in the post lockdown era. Regenerating our planet and adapting like the colour shifting Chameleon to an economy which works for everyone while protecting the natural ecosystems which support all life including ours.The other two tracks are less political and more philosophical in their lyrical content. Twister of Destiny is a moody minor mode piece looking at the unconscious and the karmic storehouse Buddhists call the Alaya Consciousness. The Journey is an up tempo rocker which looks at how the path we choose instantly creates the effect of the destination we have chosen. A complete album and some Welsh language versions of these songs are in the works. Subscribe if you want to be kept updated on new music from Red Beat, Roy Jones or dRedzilla.

There is also a new EP dropping on 25th of May featuring all three of these songs sung in the Welsh language. Cameleon Ailenedigaeth is branded as by the band name 'Beirdd Coch' (translation - Red Bards) This was the name of the band I used for my first Welsh language release back in 1986 from the EP 'Galwad ar holl filwyr Bwffalo Cymru'. I have lived in Wales for 33 years now and although my Welsh is still a bit ropey, I can just about manage a simple conversation if the person I'm talking to doesn't speak too fast! I have very deep Welsh roots on both sides of my family so it feels right to me to honour them by recording in Welsh. I think the language works particularly well on the second track on the EP, Mudwr o Dynghedfen, which is a slow moody primal piece about fate and the unconscious.