Five Elements

Roy Jones

Exploring the 5 elements of life in a style which blends jazz, rock, reggae and Celtic folk and pays homage to the creativity and analogue synth sounds of the eighties.

Roy Jones returns from a five year gap with a rich concept album "Five Elements" which explores the ancient building blocks of life: earth, air, fire, water and space through the medium of songwriting. The style and mood of each piece is very different from its accompanying songs giving, a vibrancy and originality to the work. The songs definitely capture the ethos of the eighties both in vocal and instrumental styles. Indeed, some of the songs were actually written in the mid eighties and this EP represents the completion of a long held vision. From the chilled reggae of Water, to the Celtic folk of Earth Mother this EP will continue to surprise and delight your senses with its scope and breadth of vision.

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    Water 6:52
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    Space 4:12
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