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From This Moment On

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Written by Roy Jones who plays piano along with drummer Mark Mayhew. From This Moment On is a Buddhist concept based on the oneness of the self and its' environment. A change of heart can change everything.


From This Moment On
(Words by Roy Jones)

This is a special day
A day for turning right around
All of the doubts and obstacles
Which seem to bring me down

I've decided to fight
I've decided to win
'Cause I know that the power
That I'm seeking lives within

From this moment on
I'll create my own happiness
Not looking to blame
But to claim
What's at the heart of me
From this moment on
Moving forward through eternity
I promise to be brave
And face my negativity I'm strong
From this moment on
I'm strong
From this moment on

This is a special day
A chance to start again afresh
Rededicate ourselves
To overcoming sufferings

We've decided to fight
We've decided to win
And I know that together
We can bring the sunshine in

From this moment on.......

Every moment is a chance to turn our life around
Infinite potential to be free exists in every now
Nothing to fear a great example keeps our courage strong
There's wisdom in our hearts
And deep compassion is our song

From this moment on......
I'm strong
From this moment ......on