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Life Is A Voyage

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Adapted from the poem 'The Noble Voyage of Life' with the kind permission of Buddhist leader, Daisaku Ikeda. The music was written by brothers and fellow SGI-Buddhists, Roy and Howard Jones.


Life is a Voyage
(Words by Daisaku Ikeda)

Life is a voyage, a struggle, to overcome
Advancing, and raising , the lion's roar for victory

Your life, your being, is yours for all time
Past, present and future, everything depends
On how you forge yourself, how you improve yourself
How you live a happy life, this is the aim, of human revolution

But we will write a noble history of life
Day after day, year after year
Our hearts, yours and mine,
Burning ever brightly as we pursue our
Journey of life, across eternity
Laughing aloud at the world's frenzied criticisms

Seeing, appreciating and extolling
All that is most beautiful in this world
In this age of the Latter Day of the Law
Which is ruled by a dark destiny

Sharing heart to heart ties
With so many precious treasured friends
How joyful and boisterous will be our lives
Even after death and across the three existences
What an exquisite and indestructible achievement of honour it is
To share this voyage of life with comrades together
Sharing our victory, bathed in the moon's beautiful light