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Conscious Vibe Music


I've got a new EP, Five Elements which is released on March 21st under my real name, Roy Jones.


Towards the end of the year I began working on a project which I actually started in the 80's when I was in a group called Red White and Phoenix. I began to write a set of songs based on the four elements and I got as far as Water, Air and Earth and then I gave up and never completed the project although I did perform some of the songs live at that time . Now, 30 years later I have decided to finish what I started but with and added element 'Space' which the ancient Indians added to the four elements familiar to Westerners from the Greeks making the EP or short Album title 'Five Elements'.

 The EP should be available to pre-order on iTunes from Monday 7th of March. This is a unique project which shows a side to my song writing seldom seen. 


Peace - Roy

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